Car Subwoofer Boxes | Truck Subwoofer Enclosures and custom fabrication in Miami

Custom Subwoofer Boxes Design and Fabrication

Looking for a good sounding custom subwoofer box? See us at! Our car audio installation team is expert custom subwoofer designers and fabricators. No, we don't sell premade subwoofer boxes; except a few vehicle-specific unit that is designed and tested to fit and work! Why? Because premade boxes are very unpredictable from car to car and subwoofer brand to subwoofer brand.

For example, take your average QBomb Series Dual Subwoofer Box or ProBox. These spray liner MDF subwoofer boxes are very well made. However, if we take the same head unit, same amp and same sub and test it in three different vehicles, we end up with three different results.

All high-quality speakers and subwoofers come with a data sheet. These data sheets are known as Thiele small parameters. The data is also known as electromechanical parameters, and they define the electromechanical performance of a loudspeaker. Thiele small parameters are unique to every driver this is why some real high end manufactures test and pair tweeters and mid drivers for best performance and soundstage.

At we employ the latest in software and over 30 years of custom car stereo design and installation to develop custom subwoofer enclosures that are not only adequate for our customer's subwoofer choice but also the vehicle they are going to get installed.

No matter what you are looking for MDF, Plexiglas, Molded Fiberglass, or Carbon Fiber you can count on for a custom subwoofer box that not only sounds great but looks great as well!