At Hialeah-Window-Tinting.Com you can choose from some of the best aftermarket accessories in the market today.

Miami Car Audio, Car Alarms, Window Tinting!

Looking for a top of the line car alarm? Looking to replace or improve your car stereo? How about, getting some window tinting on that new car you just got? At Hialeah-Window-Tinting.Com you can choose from some of the best aftermarket accessories in the market today. No clueless kids dressed in blue here! Our experience sales and installation team are here to help choose the right products for your application and your budget. Because out name says window tinting, don't think for a minute that is the only thing we do! Our expertise cover the following areas:

Custom Car Audio

Stereo Icon - Car Stereo Installation

Whether your car's stereo system die, you are looking to upgrade or simply have something custom build from the ground up we have you cover. At Hialeah-Window-Tinting.Com we can fix you premium factory stereo system as well as design one from the ground up. Custom subwoofer enclosures, fiberglass kick panels, iPad dashboard integration and everything in between. See Miami's car audio experts at Hialeah-Window-Tinting.Com.

Car Alarm & Remote Start

Car Alarms, Security and Remote Start - Best Buy

Despite several security measures by car manufacturers can thief and vandalism has not decreased. Some recent articles by large publication such as Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics, and AAA have been proven wrong. You can choose not to be a statistic by protecting your vehicle with a professionally installed car alarm. Do you self a favor, call your insurance agent and ask - what is your discount if you add a professional car alarm! The answer may surprise you!

Window Tinting

Automotive Window Solutions | 3M United States

If you lived in Miami long enough, you know how important window tinting is when it comes to keeping your car cool, protecting your interior as well as yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you don't have window tinting and getting into a hot car and cracking your AC may have you thinking that your air conditioner is not working properly! Our 3M Window Tinting comes with a national warranty and can not only protect you and your car but keep cool as well!

Car Accessories

Miami HID Lights & LED Lights

Aside from Car Audio, Car Alarms, and Window Tinting, Hialeah-Window-Tinting.Com also offers a broad range of car accessories to designed to improve the safety, looks, and functionality of your car, boat, motorcycle, and RV. From LED, HID light and LED light bars to car wrapping, mask protectors, and even custom fabrication. If you are looking to make you vehicle unique stop by and take a look at the wide range of accessories available today.