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One of the most popular questions customers has when it comes window tinting is why the price difference. The fact is the 3M window film is not cheat, and ether is Mercedes, Audis and or BMWs. At the end of the day, the question should be more are like – Are you expecting a window tinting job that last 15 – 20 years or one that you are going to have to redo in just 1 or 2 years. That said!

What are the different between real good films like 3M and the cheap stuff? Sometimes tempted by the low price make you cheated when buying a car window film. Moreover, counterfeit products are now made so that they resembles its original form. Usually, falsehood can only be known after application within a specified period and tested with certain tools. Several things must be known when choosing Window Tinting car. As the primary function to protect from the sun’s heat, then turn down the heat capacity is not determined by dark or bright window film, but depending on the material of the window film itself. However, there is an easy way to detect a fake car window film. Here are some tricks to know about it.

1 . Mold or logo of the window film

Avoid glass films with printed logo which is not neat, ranging from ink spills or too thick. Window film is rolled up with the logo, or the ink is too thick wavy window film can make. As a result, at night, and the light it receives fragmented. So, make sure you get the thin film with mold and neat as possible.

2 . color

There is a variety of window film, but not a guarantee of authenticity. A fake film with crappy quality over time can change color. Color change usually occurs after a period of time. In the tropics are seen within 2-3 months.

3 . thickness

Ideally heat resistant window film has a thickness of 1.5-1.7 micron. Less than it should be doubted. Window film is thin, but the original product, although still thin rigid . Meanwhile, counterfeit goods are very thin and flexible.

4 . price

Price of window film is directly proportional to the quality. Do not be tempted by the offer of low-cost products are most likely fake. Original film imported into Indonesia only through authorized distributors with a standard fixed price. Each film has its own area code, while the outstanding beyond the code limits cannot get warranty service.

5. Warranty Card

Be sure got the warranty card for each purchase. This guarantees the authenticity card and after-sales service window film. It’s safer to buy and install window film at an authorized dealer.

6 . Use Floodlight

Maybe this way a little complicated, but it is powerful enough to prove the quality of the film to be purchased . Attach glass that has been coated films to 600 watt spotlights, and let stand for 3 minutes. If the quality is poor, then it will break easily.

On the one hand with one-way glass film selected for higher levels of privacy by blocking the view from outside. But on the other hand, also increases the risk. Because if things happen that are not desirable in the car, it is less likely to get immediate help by people who are outside the car, due to the obstruction of a view inside the car. It is therefore highly recommended to use the two-way glass film. And increase security by not putting valuables such as mobile phones and so on in a prominent place such as on the dashboard. Keep in mind to choose assured quality window film. The best quality window film is not necessarily expensive. If your budget is limited, you can choose a cheaper provided it’s not cheap. You may have to sacrifice one or several functions but can offer quality auto glass embedded in the long term, no chipped or discolored. When talking about the brand would be so many that flooded the market, each distributor or authorized agents competing to offer quality products at affordable prices. Hopefully, the above guide will be useful for you who are looking for or want to replace your favorite car window tint.

What is the difference between real good film like 3M and the cheap stuff?