Car Audio Kick Panels

Custom Car Audio Kick Panels Design, Fabrication and Installation

A lot has been said and written about how to me a car audio system sound better. One of the key factors that keep coming up is front stage quality. To have a system reproduce a good sound stage is a science that starts with custom kick panels. You can have all the Plexiglas, the LED lights, and motorization you want, but if you don't have a good front stage you don't have anything!

To have a good sound stage in a vehicle, one must equal the distance between the ears at listening position, the left speaker, and the right speakers. Since very few cars are designed where you sit in the middle, we must resort to other means to achieve this!

The most common way to achieve a great sounding front sound stage in a car or truck is using fiberglass speaker pods mounted at the foot well, sometimes referred to as kick panels. Today they are several manufacturers selling premade ABS plastic kick panels. The most successful of is Q-Logic. They make replacement ABS plastic kick panels that have molded in speaker mounting locations. These kick panels are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory panel in your car, truck, or SUV but not necessarily geared towards the ultimate front sound stage. Why, primary because they are all made to house a six and a half inch driver. However, in about 70% of the applications, this is too big to reproduce a good mid range sound. We find that five and a quarter to four inches is a better choice if the vehicle is capable of housing a six or eight on the door for mid-bass.

Achieving a good front stage in a vehicle can be a hit or miss! So, if the front stage is important to you see us at Our expert installation team will guide you toward making the best choices in not only car audio but auto security and accessories.