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At, we are a lot more than just a window tinting, car stereo, and car alarm store. We offer and install a wide range of car accessories to make your car not only look better but also perform better. If you are, a car "person"and you are looking for that special personalized touch for your vehicle come see us. Here are some of the things we can do for your vehicle.

Car Wheels and Tires

Buy Custom Wheels, Rims and Tires in Hialeah, FloridaPlease do not confuse us for a Car Wheel and Tire shop because we are not! If you are looking for hard to find, limited distributed custom wheels you only find at a boutique come check us out. From 16 inch to 32 inches if you are looking for something unique come, see us!

Lambo Doors

Lambo Doors in Miami, Florida with Reviews

Did you know you can have your Honda Civic doors open just like that of a Lamborghini Gallardo, Murcielago, Countach or Diablo! Lamborghini style doors are also known as "scissor doors", and they get their name from the car they are most closely associated with, the Lamborghini! At we offer a wide variety of bolt-on Lambo doors from renown manufacturers like Vertical Doors Inc.

Mobile Video Installation

Let Us Design A Custom AV Solution That Works For You!

Mobile Video is no longer an option for the rap artist, the celebrity or exotic cars. Today many moms run around doing errands while the kids enjoy their favorite cartoons in the back seat. Just like navigation system, this is an option that is available for a new car but often at a cost two to three time more than an aftermarket unit! The fact is that car makers don't make mobile video unit they are all aftermarket! So for a mobile video system, the look OEM see us at

Car Navigation & GPS

car navigation system installationOrdering navigation with a new vehicle can be very costly, and in many instances when you buy a used vehicle you have little or no choice when it comes to options. In either case, we can help you implement the navigation system you always wanted! Navigations systems have come a long way. Nav systems today come in many varieties from add-ons to in-dash at we have a nav unit for you.

HID and LED Lights

HID and LED LIghtsHID means High-Intensity Discharge lights. HID refers to a lighting technology that relies on a high-voltage electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in a sealed bulb. HID lighting produces more light and uses less energy than a standard bulb making them the ideal choice for highway driving at night.

Train Horns

Train Horn, Air Suspension, & Auto Accessory InstallationIf you are looking for cheap train horns, then go to eBay! However, if you are looking for a nice set of trains horns that are made in the USA, see us! We sell, service and install a wide selection of train horns, compressors, solenoids and more, from boat to eighteen wheels and motor homes.